Center for Strategic Communication

News & Opinion on Terrorism & Strategic Communication — October 20, 2007

Muslin Youth Riot in Amsterdam. “It has been an unusually violent week for Amsterdam’s western Slotervaart district. Cars were torched and youths clashed with police on several consecutive nights after a 22-year-old ethnic Moroccan was shot dead at a police station. He was killed by a policewoman he had just stabbed a number of times.” (Radio Netherlands, 10/19).

Left Silencing Discussion of Islamo-Fascism. “Obviously, the attacks on Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week by liberals such as Colmes and radicals such as the Revolutionary Communist Party and the Muslim Students Association are based on reasoning that is absurd. Their only logic is emotional, and the character of that emotion is hatred — hatred for those who want to raise awareness of the threats we face from radical Islam. This hatred has only one purpose, which is to put a metaphorical bullet in the head of those who oppose the jihad. The purpose is to silence them.” (Frontpage Mag, 10/19).

Mall Bombing in Philippines Suspected Work of Islamists. “Eight people were killed and as many as 130 others wounded Friday when a powerful explosion ripped through a shopping mall in Makati City, the Philippine capital’s financial district.” (NY Times, 10/20).