Center for Strategic Communication

News & Opinion on Terrorism & Strategic Communication — October 14, 2007

Chiese Public Diplomacy Exploits U.S. Weaknesses. “President Bush’s ‘go it alone’ foreign policy continues to engender ill will toward the United States. Meanwhile, Beijing has taken this opportunity to develop a masterful public diplomacy strategy that capitalizes on America’s public diplomacy shortcomings.” (Boston Globe, 10/12).

Communication Should Follow Actions, Not Words. “America’s wonks are still reeling from the post 9/11 discovery that many people around the world not only don’t want democracy, they think it’s the sign of the devil. As for human rights and that terribly odd term ‘freedom,’ millions are convinced they’re a plot by the rich nations to rob the poor ones.” (Pundita, 10/13).

Free Press Debate in Egypt. “Recently, Egyptian courts handed down prison sentences for editors of Egypt’s opposition press for publishing material against senior government officials. These rulings have sparked public debate over freedom of the press in Egypt; the debate is also fueled by unconfirmed reports on the declining health of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.” (MEMRI, 10/12).

Hughes Sees War of Ideas Progress. “Hughes said the nation is making inroads, as more and more people in the Muslim world are turned away from terrorists who often target innocent Muslims.” (Desert News, 10/12).

U.S. Should Hire AQ Media Team. “Iraq has become a stage on which terrorists, insurgents, and Coalition forces compete for a global audience. YouTube, blogs, and all other forms of citizen media ensure that every GI Joe and Jihadi has at least a bit part in the theater of public opinion. The result is a new public diplomacy that insurgents understand, and the U.S. State Department doesn’t.” (GOOD Magazine, 10/3).