Center for Strategic Communication

News & Opinion on Terrorism & Strategic Communication — September 27, 2007

Muslim Politics Surprisingly Wired. “In 2000, fewer than 50 political parties from Muslim countries had Web sites. By 2007, there were more than 200 parties represented online, the majority of them secular. The expansion of online politics in the Muslim world outpaces that of the rest of the developing world.” (UW News, 8/1).

State Dept. Starts a Blog. “With Dipnote we are going to take you behind the scenes at the State Department and bring you closer to the personalities of the Department. We are going to try and break through some of the jargon and talk about how we operate around the world.” (State Dept., 9/25).

Iran 1, USA/Columbia University 0 “All in all, a glorious trip for our President, who represented us well, and, though he traveled into the mouth of the lion, returned unharmed — and having won over the lions cubs by speaking Truth to Power.” (Protein Wisdom, 9/25).

U.S. Military Uses Info Ops on Domestic Audiences. “Interesting background on how US Psychological Operations are used domestically. Covers Rumsfeld’s Information Operations Roadmap and current Pentagon plans to create a digital ‘parallel universe’ to test PSYOP.” (Welcome to the Jungle, 8/12).