Center for Strategic Communication

News & Opinion on Terrorism & Strategic Communication — September 21, 2007

Islamists Rally Against Musharraf. In the wake of bin Laden’s latest tape, “hundreds of Islamists chanting slogans against Pakistan’s military leader rallied outside the Supreme Court on Friday.” (AP, 9/21).

Transcript of Latest bin Laden Tape. “Pervez’s invasion of Lal Masjid in the City of Islam, Islamabad, is a sad event, like the crime of the Hindus in their invasion and destruction of the Babari Masjid. And this event has crucial and critical connotations.” (Laura Mansfield via CT Blog, 9/20).

More 9/11 Greetings from our Pals at AQ. This time from bin Laden’s sidekick, hosted by a web site in Bush’s home state: “Do Not Ask President Bush When The Soldiers Will Return– Ask Instead How Many Will Return.” (MEMRI, 9/21).

The Sudden Rush of AQ Communications. “Perhaps one of the most successful achievements of the old guard al Qaeda, besides staying alive, is the vast expansion of its propaganda outreach arm.” (Douglas Farrah, 9/20)

al Jazeera Host Compares U.S. to Nazis. “In an article in the Syrian government daily Al-Thawra, the host of the Al-Jazeera TV talk show “Opposite Direction,” Dr. Faisal Al-Qassim, stated that the U.S. media propaganda machine is employing the methods of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.”(MEMRI, 9/21).

U.S. is Losing the Long War of Ideas. “The George W. Bush administration is badly losing the so-called “war of ideas” in the Middle East, a group of foreign policy experts suggested here Wednesday, by failing to grasp that persuasion is just as important as the more heavy-handed tactics of its ‘war on terror.'” (IPS, 9/20).

It’s the Wicket, Stupid. “This is really so sad. “People who want to be Cal Ripken in Pakistan”, says Condi (save the detail they are cricket crazy, not baseball, of course!). Yes, that will materially impact our global reputation.” (Belgravia Dispatch, 9/20).

U.S. Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks. “Elections, banking, and point-of-sale systems have largely moved to the Web, so cyberattacks can have a profound effect on commerce.” (PC World, 9/20).