Center for Strategic Communication

News & Opinion on Terrorism & Strategic Communication — September 17, 2007

93% of Muslims Say 9/11 Morally Unjustified. “The Gallup World Poll analyzed a series of polls taken between 2005 and 2007 that covered about 90 percent of the Muslim world. It found that just 7 percent of those surveyed said the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were morally justified.” (NPR News Blog, 9/13).

Hughes: bin Laden Job Approval is Down among Muslims. “Muslim populations are increasingly rejecting bin Laden’s attempts to pervert their faith.” (Washington Post, 9/17).

New Converts Active in European Terror Cells. “Religious converts are playing an increasingly influential role in Islamic militant networks, having transformed themselves in recent years from curiosities to key players in terrorist cells in Europe.” (Washington Post, 9/15).

How to Start a Conversation about Terrorism. “Of course, terrorism isn’t a normal topic for casual conversations. So if you want to talk about terrorism, you’re going to have to deliberately bring it up most of the time. But how?” (Citizen Warrior, 9/16).

Australian Muslims Protest Saudi Gift to University. “Muslim leaders and academics have attacked Queensland’s Griffith University for accepting an initial $100,000 grant from the Saudi embassy, which they accused of having given cash in the past to educational institutions to improve the perception of Wahhabism – a hardline interpretation of Islam.” (The Australian, 9/17).

Morgellons: The Next Terrorist Threat? “The idea is that the World Health Organization and the UN will come take your guns after they release the engineered Morgellons.” (HongPong, 9/16).