Center for Strategic Communication

News & Opinion on Terrorism & Strategic Communication — September 14, 2007

Negotiating with the Devil. “Proponents say al Qaeda has established itself as a de facto power, whether the West likes it or not, and history shows militant movements are best neutralized by negotiation, not war.” (Reuters, 9/13)

Red Brigades court Holy Warriors. “The group, said the men, should find new venues for their recruitment efforts and pointed to Italian mosques, described as ‘propellers of protests and struggles,’ as one of the most obvious choices.” (Jamestown Terrorism Monitor, 9/13).

bin Laden outpolls Musharraf. “Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden is more popular in Pakistan than President Pervez Musharraf, according to a poll released Wednesday.” (AFP, 9/12).

More AQ Warnings. “Al-Qaida has revived, extended its influence, and has the capacity to carry out a spectacular strike similar to the September 11 attacks on America, one of the world’s leading security thinktanks warned yesterday.” (Guardian, 9/13).

Telecommuting Terrorists. “They translated and prepared terror videos, claims of responsibility and al-Qaida propaganda on the Internet. Austrian police have now attributed this handiwork to the Global Islamic Media Front and the leader of this network is reportedly among the arrested.” (Assyrian International News Agency, 9/13).