Unfortunate tweet sequence

[ by Charles Cameron — keeping a wary eye on algorithms, with the sting in the three links at the end ] . Here’s a tweet alerting readers to a newspaper piece on the Munich terror attack: Police investigate claim Muinch gunman lured victims to their deaths with fake Facebook posthttps://t.co/LQh0KYpjKF pic.twitter.com/oj82EoQdnq — Evening Standard […] Read more »

Putin, Hezbollah on the Brit right, Pokémon Go at the Yasukuni

[ by Charles Cameron — a couple of discordant notes on goings on ] . This tweet from Casey Michel showing contemporary American fans of Sir Oswald Mosley — My look at growing ties between US hard-right extremists and Kremlin-linked organizations: https://t.co/OtslMcDLMT pic.twitter.com/SOoPeMxvHf — Casey Michel (@cjcmichel) July 17, 2016 — looked interesting, so I […] Read more »

Net gains in Turkey and Iran?

[ by Charles Cameron — when two data points contradict a trend, what’s up? ] . Gotta love the graphic of “Twitter being written into the ancient Persian Cyrus Cylinder in an animation film for Farsi Twitter, highlighting the platforms importance for communications in Iran” (upper panel, below): — and there’s something faintly Escherian about […] Read more »

JJ MacNab on the Baton Rouge shooter

[ by Charles Cameron — plus further readings on sovereign citizens & the Moorish Science Temple ] . JJ MacNab, author of The Seditionists: Inside the Explosive World of Anti-Government Extremism in America — note date of publication — has the basics on the quasi-religious sovereign citizen and Baton Rouge cop shooter, Gavin Long: Tweet […] Read more »

Meanwhile, back in Nice..

[ by Charles Cameron — from blessed peace to brutal war ] . Yesterday: Promenade des Anglais, Nice by Edvard Munch 1891 (Private Collection). pic.twitter.com/ac6U5YSuXa — Dr Liv Gibbs (@DrLivGibbs) July 15, 2016 BREAKING: Dozens reported dead after truck drives into crowd on #BastilleDay in Nice https://t.co/nVsCF4shQm pic.twitter.com/GApWbetvJ1 — The Hill (@thehill) July 14, 2016 […] Read more »

Orlando Tweets One

[ by Charles Cameron — on the variety of possible motives ] . On twitter alone, there’s far too much going on as we scramble to understand the Orlando massacre for anyone to make a useful summary, although I must say that Rukmini Callimachi‘s twitter feed since yesterday has been superb. My own first assortment […] Read more »

Nemesis is teh “unanticipated consequence” of hubris

[ by Charles Cameron — a veritable rule of thumb ] , ** Let me steer clear of both foreign policy and presidential candidates, and simply quote Cheryl Rofer from her recent twitter fusillade re Neil deGrasse Tyson: One of the things science can teach its practitioners is humility. Respect for others who know something […] Read more »

JM Berger swiftly doubletweets Seamus Hughes

[ by Charles Cameron — coffee on the rocks with blarney ] . Seamus Hughes tweets: Dunkin donuts are hotspots of radicalization. Trust me, I have an anecdotal evidence. pic.twitter.com/pPyxRbVhqA — Seamus Hughes (@SeamusHughes) March 4, 2016 to which JM responds, rapidfire: .@SeamusHughes Yet again it's up to me to point out that this has […] Read more »

A misappropriated image?

[ by Charles Cameron — minor correction to a USG CVE tweet ] . pic.twitter.com/ofmYeFGNsx — Think AgainTurn Away (@ThinkAgain_DOS) February 18, 2016 ** I don’t think there’s any room for doubt about the Islamic State enslaving captured women and selling them. The IS magazine Dabiq, issue 4, under the heading The Revival of Slavery […] Read more »


[ by Charles Cameron — on juxtaposition as a force-multiplier in the war of ideas ] . Two potent examples of what I term DoubleQuotes in the Wild: ‘Call of Jihad’: ISIS Turns to Video Games, Hollywood to Reach Recruits https://t.co/gYSjUceJBj pic.twitter.com/YVDDxkbLft — Defense One (@DefenseOne) December 25, 2015 DefenseOne‘s ‘Call of Jihad’: ISIS Turns […] Read more »