Added notes: Shakespeare as Ozymandias

[ by Charles Cameron — how Bill Benzon and Will Shakespeare lead me to Angus Wilson and Ruth Ozeki ] . Comments are now closed on my fairly recent post, Triangulation: Hoboken, Ramesses II, Ozymandias, so I can’t add there to the strand of the discussion that dealt with Shakespeare‘s language becoming barnacle-encrusted with time […] Read more »

Reuters + Daily Beast + Nasrallah = now I got it

[ by Charles Cameron — piecing together an understanding – Shi’ite militia, Iraq ] . Reuters reported today: Pentagon slams “unhelpful” Iraqi code name for Ramadi offensive WASHINGTON May 26 The Pentagon on Tuesday said it was “unhelpful” for Iraq’s Shi’ite militia to have chosen an openly sectarian code name for the operation to retake […] Read more »

Unholy: perhaps it’s a useful word

[ by Charles Cameron — when religion casts a long and violent shadow ] . cover art for the Unholy album, New Life behind Closed Eyes ** Unholy may prove to be a very useful word, I think. It’s not secular, it’s not irreligious, it doesn’t lack for some sort of supernatural influence — in […] Read more »

Brief brief: of binding and loosing

[ by Charles Cameron — really just a note to myself, but you may read it over my shoulder ] . Joas Wagemakers, blogging on Jihadi-Salafi views of the Islamic State at the Washington Post, was talking about the “caliphate” today, and as usual, I went off on my own DoubleQuoting tangent: ** Here’s Wagemakers’s […] Read more »

Sunday surprise: the country western / blues of Hafez

[ by Charles Cameron — at the heart not of the political entity, Iran, but of the Persian culture and people, can be found a king’s ransom in poetry and song ] . The sensual and the spiritual meet, melt, meld, merge, and dare I say it, emerge to suit each reader of the poetry […] Read more »

That Israeli op is not Brother’s Keeper, it’s Return, brothers!

[ By Charles Cameron -- thanks to Gershom Gorenberg for clarifying this for me ] . Dalia Hatuqa, in a Foreign Policy piece titled Am I My Brother’s Keeper? and subtitled How the disappearance of three Israeli boys in the West Bank is upending Palestinian politics, wrote: Since June 12, the Israeli army has killed at least [...] Read more »

Nomenclature, ISIS and beyond

[ by Charles Cameron -- accuracy in naming, and the potentially dire consequences of theological insults ] . On February 3rd, Hassan Hassan, a columnist for the English daily The National in the UAE, wrote a piece titled Five Reasons Why It Is Stupid To Say ISIL Instead of ISIS for Al Qaeda in Iraq [...] Read more »

Two notes relating to Boko Haram

[ by Charles Cameron -- one on the scripturally-sanctioned revenge abductions of women and the other on Hausa nomenclature, with a possible correlate in Sudan ] . ** Boko Haram and revenge: Jacob Zenn and Elizabeth Pearson have an important piece on War on the Rocks titled Boko Haram and the Kidnapping of Women: A [...] Read more »

Shoma Choudhury talks to the CIA & Taliban, more or less

[ by Charles Cameron -- two talks from India's THiNK2013 conference, one about the Taliban and US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the other a tale of India / Pakistan Partition ] . Here, Indian journalist Shoma Choudhury interviews Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, one time Taliban ambassador to Pakistan and author of the book, My Life with [...] Read more »

For the record: al-Raymi’s Message to the American People

[ by Charles Cameron -- a quick, minor note ] . You may of course already know this, but in case you don’t… May eye was caught by the words “Your leaders are assaultive, oppressive and tyrannical” in the English subtitles to Qasim al-Raymi‘s “Message to the American People” video (upper panel, below)… I guess [...] Read more »