Two ways a resemblance can be unwelcome

[ by Charles Cameron — NSFW, I repeat, NSFW , maybe ] . You can be photoshopped from Canada to France, Sikh to Muslim, &c — That’s an iPad, not a Quran, and the Dastar (turban) is worn by Sikhs. — Grasswire Fact Check (@grasswirefacts) November 14, 2015 The fake (on the left), photoshopped […] Read more »

Zen in the Art of Future Warfare

[ by Charles Cameron — a highly interesting discussion, discussed ] . How to Write and Fight World War III: This is the video of a terrific discussion of the future of warfare — peacemaking, too, if you see them as two sides of a coin — from the Art of Future Warfare project, to […] Read more »

Hipbone update & request for your vote!

[ by Charles Cameron — 3 Quarks Daily, Boston Apocalyptic conference, LapidoMedia, World Religions and Spirituality Project, Bellingcat, Loopcast, Pragati, Sembl ] . First, please vote! . My story, War in Heaven, is in the running for the 3 Quarks Daily Arts & Literature Prize. 3 Quarks Daily is a great aggregator site, I’m honored […] Read more »

In Brief: Azzam illustrates Levi-Strauss on Mythologiques

[ by Charles Cameron — the geometry of two miracle stories from Abdullah Azzam ] . These two tales are taken from Abdullah Azzam, Signs of ar-Rahman in the Jihad of Afghan. ** Binary oppositions seem to be basic to the human thought process, and this simple, elegant observation has in turn given rise to […] Read more »

Happily or sadly, our AIs still lack the creative leap

[ by Charles Cameron -- on one current comparative advantage of being human, and calling for the design of a ReSearch Engine ] . You may not like hymns — or thrash metal. Facebook, whose market value topped $100 billion about a year ago, “thought” that if I liked this video: I might also like […] Read more »

DoubleQuotes in the Wild: Iraq Redux?

[ by Charles Cameron -- noted in passing, hat tip to Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, who retweeted this from Leo Shane III ] . I feel like there's a disconnect here … — Leo Shane III (@LeoShane) August 8, 2014 ** Of course, a weak (IMO) argument might be made that “fighting another war in Iraq” [...] Read more »

Regarding the Lesser and Greater Sludges

[ by Charles Cameron -- the warnings, the lack of response, the tragedy, and a diagnosis of the underlying, near-universal human condition ] . ** Hear ye! Hear ye! The most stunning account I’ve yet seen of the Oso mudslide isn’t really about the slide itself, it’s about how much we already knew and how [...] Read more »

On Magic: Jane’s and the Jesuits

[ by Charles Cameron -- a brief note on my own bi-focal vision, with appreciation to Marina Warner ] . ** I was just reading Marina Warner‘s recent essay On Magic — and protective magic in particular — and was struck by the phrase: Calligraphic blazons act as icons, gems are incised with prayers to [...] Read more »

Warren McCulloch’s lifetime koan

[ by Charles Cameron -- from intuitive leap to confirmation in a celebrated paper by neurophysiologist and cybernetician Warren McCulloch ] . As I mentioned in my earlier post, Close reading, Synoptic- and Sembl-style, for parallels, patterns, there are times when my HipBone-influenced style of reading suggests the presence of a hidden piece of text [...] Read more »

Recap: on HipBone / Sembl Thinking

[ by Charles Cameron -- briefly picking up a strand from an earlier post & running with it ] . ** I just wanted to reiterate an Einstein quote that I slipped into the middle of a post on the Black Madonna and iconography recently, where some readers more interested in the Sembl / HipBone [...] Read more »