Recent Publications from CSC

Security vs. Liberty: The Discourse on Terrorism in the United States and Morocco and Its Societal Effects by Valentina Bartolucci, CSC Visiting Fellow Pre-press open access here. Abstract: This article first analyzes some of the main features of the political discourse on terrorism interlinked with the counterterrorism discourse as first instantiated under the Bush administration. It then focuses on the appropriation of the US-led discourse by the Moroccan government as well as on some of its major effects, […] Read more »

Elections, mass media and short-termism in foreign policy making: the case of Afghan war

On 16 December, President Obama claimed that U.S. Afghan strategy is “on track” and that U.S. can embark upon a “responsible” troop withdrawal by July 2011. This has already made a vast number of Afghan observers, particularly from within Afghanistan, … Continue reading Read more »