Recommended Reading—Summer 2016

[by J. Scott Shipman]   The Storm of Creativity, by Kyna Leski 2017 War With Russia, by General Sir Richard Shirreff The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough Serendipities, Language and Lunacy, by Umberto Eco Paradise, Dante Alighieri, translated by Mark Musa Undertow, by Stanton S. Coerr The White Horse Cometh, by Rich Parks Washington The Indispensable […] Read more »

Terror Is Glamour as War is Game

[ by Charles Cameron — on the necessary simultaneity of temporal and eternal perspectives ] . ** First as to glamour -– it may help to reflect that glamour, our word, comes not from Vogue but from the same origins as grammar (referring to languages) and grimoire (a book of spells, spelling also being a […] Read more »

Getting deeper into Koestler

[ by Charles Cameron — on creativity at the intersection of the fleeting and the eternal ] . Centaur, displayed in the International Wildlife Museum, Tucson, AZ ** You know Lao Tzu’s “uncarved wood” (pu) — and Spencer Brown’s “Mark” or “first distinction? It is hard to speak of “the one and the many” without […] Read more »

On Sacrament: the world transfigured

[ by Charles Cameron -- moving from magic to sacrament and from word to world -- with implications for the study of terrorism and torture ] . ** Tara Isabella Burton, in a recent Atlantic article Study Theology, Even If You Don’t Believe in God, nailed it, in my personal opinion: But the dwindling role [...] Read more »

On Magic: Jane’s and the Jesuits

[ by Charles Cameron -- a brief note on my own bi-focal vision, with appreciation to Marina Warner ] . ** I was just reading Marina Warner‘s recent essay On Magic — and protective magic in particular — and was struck by the phrase: Calligraphic blazons act as icons, gems are incised with prayers to [...] Read more »

Christian cannibal: first the horror, then the meditation

[ by Charles Cameron -- you may not want to watch the video - read the text first, okay? ] . Here’s what the BBC-wallah said: The Christians were victims; now they’re on top. It’s a dangerous time to be Muslim. A charred and dismembered body is dragged through the streets. Christians have just killed [...] Read more »

Nairobi tweets 1: Bulletproof?

[ by Charles Cameron -- taking a hint from the twitter stream of HSM Press and running with it ] Update: As of Monday morning 11am California time: I now think it’s clear that the twitter stream I was commenting on in this post and the second in the series was not an official Shabaab [...] Read more »

A follow-up piece from Furnish

[ by Charles Cameron -- here Dr Furnish explores and explains the rival eschatologies afoot in the Syrian conflict ] . . Timothy Furnish has a new post up on Syria at his MahdiWatch blog, supplementing his recent guest post on Zenpundit, Reprehending Ignorance about Syria, in which he discussed sectarian issues, with Intervening (in [...] Read more »

On the prophetic & predictive via David Degner’s Egypt

[ by Charles Cameron -- the first O of OODA, as one photographer applied it to Mubarak's destiny ] . . As you all know, I am fascinated by the intersection of the poetic (sacramental, irrational, magical, pre-scientific) and the prosaic (secular, rational, mundane, scientific) worldviews, so ably captured by John Donne with the four [...] Read more »