Now Osama bin Laden is no more, is it time to reflect on the delinking of aid?

So Osama bin Laden is now dead. After months of observing his hide-out in Abbottabad, 40 miles north of Islamabad, Pakistan, American Special Forces launched a clandestine operation to capture or kill Bin Laden. Within forty minutes it was all … Continue reading Read more »

National security concerns continue to dictate government aid and development agendas

August 2010, an internal Department for International Development (DFID) paper was leaked that pointed to a significant shift in Britain’s aid policy. In particular it was muted that development projects would be expected to make the ‘maximum possible contribution’ to … Continue reading Read more »

Obama changes rhetoric but the ‘war on terror’ continues to impact civil society

Despite a change in rhetoric, the legislation, practices, policies and structures introduced since 9/11 still inhibit society’s ability to practise democracy The recent leaks of more than 90,000 sensitive documents revealing the extent of civilian casualties in Afghanistan has yet … Continue reading Read more »