France must learn from its intelligence failures

Another catch up post, this time a piece for The Times in the wake of the horrible attack in Nice. Not sure the article totally corresponds with the piece, but the fundamental point about France facing a very acute problem definitely holds unfortunately. France must learn from its intelligence failures From the Charlie Hebdo massacre […] Read more »

The Age of the Lone Wolf is Far From Over

More belated catch up posting. It has been a very busy few weeks between travel and the horrible events in Brussels. The below piece is one that Foreign Policy commissioned to look specifically at ISIS use of tactics, pointing out that while the Brussels and Paris attacks are part of a specific campaign and cell, […] Read more »

Brussels attacks show that terrorists can strike at will

It has been a busy week after the sad events in Brussels. A lot of links and posting to catch up on, but am on the road so not so easy to do. For the time being, here is my preliminary thoughts on the attack for the Financial Times. More to come soon. Brussels Attacks […] Read more »

There Are Ways to Address Radicalism Early

A new piece as part of a Room for Debate conversation on the New York Times opinion pages. This one looking at the phenomenon of radicalisation in the west and how to counter it. Honoured to be in the company of friends and distinguished academics on the topic. The surge in attention around Brits in […] Read more »

ISIL Influence is Fueling Sectarianism in Indonesia

by Mark Woodward* [Editor’s note: Yesterday there were news reports that an ISIL-inspired plot to bomb a Carlsberg brewery in Malaysia was foiled.] Iraq and Syria have become magnets for Indonesian jihadists in much the same way that Afghanistan was in the 1990s. Over the past five years support of Salafi jihadi causes has steadily declined.  But lately the exploits of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have injected new energy into […] Read more »

Public Diplomacy Highlighted in TED Talks

These TED talks are example of how diplomacy can take a sensitive topic and neutralize it. Jobrani’s cultural appeal through comedy gives him an opportunity to showcase a positive side of the Middle East to international audiences. Ghosh’s straight forward and direct talk speaks to how a religious conception has changed and how the narrative can be reclaimed in order to help a group of people reclaim their religion and livelihood. TED talks discussing examples of public diplomacy should be given more attention in the media as one of the ways to avoid misperceptions of groups and nationalities so that relationships can be built and maintained.

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The Meadow: Kashmir 1995 – Where the Terror Began

A new book review for Foreign Policy’s AfPak Channel, looking at quite a fun book I read a little while ago about a piece of history with all links to today. Also quite timely given the recent troubles in Kashmir to highlight how long this problem has been hanging over things. In an interesting and [...] Read more »

Syria’s Worsening Conflict

Am catching up a bit on late posting as have been rather busy of late, so a few coming in late. Here is a piece for the 东方早报 (Oriental Morning Post) about Syria. Takes a somewhat negative view which may be finally slipping into the past (and I had previously elaborated in a letter to [...] Read more »