What does a modern terrorist look like and what motivates them?

Last catch up for something that was published today in the Sunday Telegraph, this time in the wake of the Munich attack specifically but looking more broadly at the rather odd spate of semi-terror attacks that have taken place. The piece was re-published in the Gulf News, and separately an interview with one of the […] Read more »

Why Libya Matters: The 2014 Uprising

Going forward, the United States must work with its allies both around and within Libya to end the factional infighting and culture of corruption that plague the country.

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Five things to know about the intervention in Mali

Over the weekend France launched an assault on northern Mali, part of an operation to unseat the extremists who have occupied half the country since last year’s coup. Immediately afterward, al Qaeda-linked rebels launched a counteroffensive, raising the specter of a drawn-out war. Read more »

UK Islamists and the Arab Uprisings

A much longer piece that has been percolating for a while with James for the Hudson Institute’s Current Trends in Islamist Ideology, returning to my UK Islamist connection research. Some more longer pieces on the situation in the UK in the pipeline ahead of the Olympics, and to those interested in the technical aspect of [...] Read more »

The Difficulty of Definitions

by Steven R. Corman  Writing in the CT Blog, Jeffrey Imm argues that “any blueprint strategy for national security must define Jihad, must address it within the national security threat, and must also define a national policy on the ideology of political Islamism.” But, Imm says, we have no such definition, and Islamist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood fall into what he views as a dangerous grey area.  He describes the case of Major Stephen Coughlin, who […] Read more »