McCants explains the Saudis, Quantico rebukes them

[ by Charles Cameron — Saudi-sourced jihadism, the FBI, Baader-Meinhof — hey, it’s all about terrosism ] . Will McCants explains [upper panel, below] how the Saudis are and are not promoting terrorism — — while a screen-cap from episode 9 in the first season of Quantico explains just why such an approach is logically […] Read more »

Random DoubleQuotes for later reference

[ by Charles Cameron — a resource, mostly for myself ] . I’ll use this post to drop in random DoubleQuotes I run across, for storage — so I won’t need to trouble you with every example I find, but they’ll all still here for your consideration should you choose — and for any future […] Read more »

On militarizing the concept of Thought Police

[ by Charles Cameron — a renewed emphasis on the war of ideas? ] . A cluster of items from JM Berger‘s twitter feed this morning gave me pause for thought — but I was careful not to think anyway. Here’s the basic concept: "Destroy the idea" — J.M. Berger (@intelwire) April 19, 2016 […] Read more »

Paintful humor in wake of Ankara bombing

[ by Charles Cameron — in which 359 turns out to be just a degree closer to zero than 358 is ] . ** For those Zenpundit readers no more fluent in Turkish than I am, Acting Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu‘s interview above was reported by Today’s Zaman: During the interview on Wednesday night Davutoglu […] Read more »

Turnabout is fair play?

[ by Charles Cameron — fascinated as always by the interweave of worlds ] . If not causality, then at least correlation? Batman goes to Iraq to save the caliphate from the Joker, and other parallels; my latest — J.M. Berger (@intelwire) August 19, 2015 I’m really not sure which came first, the […] Read more »

The paradoxical roles of luxury cars in the lives of the women of IS

[ by Charles Cameron — not particularly anxious to own a BMW — but did I once win a Rolls for a night of Bach at the Hollywood Bowl ] . Sources: Belfast Telegraph, Jihadi brides with BMW M5s Dabiq, issue #8 p.34, The Twin Halves of the Muhajirin So we’re somewhat fond of the […] Read more »

Comparisons: ISIS and WBC, KKK

[ by Charles Cameron -- humor, comparison, elucidation, analytic necessity, apocalyptic, and the matter of the Mardin fatwa ] . For many Muslims, these two comparisons explain simply and effectively just how divergent from their understanding of Islam the jihadists are. This in no way takes away from the idea that if we are to […] Read more »

Dabiq #2, follow-up post — punishment by Flood and Fire

[ by Charles Cameron -- Dabiq issue #2 ends with a note about the Dajjal -- thus bookending the issue with apocalyptic references ] . ** There’s not a whole lot more that’s distinctively oriented to the “end times” in the second issue of Dabiq, although as I noted in a comment on my earlier [...] Read more »

Sunday surprise 8: introducing “Quotes from Outer Orbits”

[ by Charles Cameron -- eccentric cleanliness and uncleanness, and a righteous blast of Handel ] . I ran across two quotes the other day that made me decided to start a collection of what I’ll call “Quotes from Outer Orbits”. Here are the first two: My first pick comes from the label of one [...] Read more »