Orlando Tweets Two

[ by Charles Cameron — on a variety of other perspectives ] . Once again, my point is that there’s a whole lot of going on going on, and it’s worth getting a wide-angle view.. which means multiple perspectives, including those not your own: Good column by @sulliveiw. Before we knew much about #Orlando, every […] Read more »

Orlando Tweets One

[ by Charles Cameron — on the variety of possible motives ] . On twitter alone, there’s far too much going on as we scramble to understand the Orlando massacre for anyone to make a useful summary, although I must say that Rukmini Callimachi‘s twitter feed since yesterday has been superb. My own first assortment […] Read more »

Veri-Fire announcement

[ by Charles Cameron — the future of handgun safety? ] . Blog-friend James Skylar Gerrond announced today: “Veri-Fire will launch Guardian, our biometric trigger guard for handguns on 13 April.” What is it? Guardian is the revolutionary solution in responsibly securing your handgun against unauthorized or accidental use while maintaining unprecedented readiness. I can […] Read more »

Troubling Voices

Somehow there needs to be a reinstatement of a modicum of social control and accountability that, at a minimum, keeps lethal weapons out of the hands of our most mentally unstable and better yet, provide them with the care and treatment they need. A Republican Party that has caved to its libertarian, racist fringe, one that never accepted the fact we have a popularly elected black president and, furthermore, a party that does everything it can to thwart even basic social services, food and medical care for the neediest is a piece of the problem, not the solution. Read more »

Heavy breathing on the line: Uniform disbelief

[dots connected by Lynn C. Rees] Sigh What did Lucius Aemilius Paullus know and when did he know it? Once upon a time… During my first year’s encampment General Scott visited West Point, and reviewed the cadets. With his commanding figure, his quite colossal size and showy uniform, I thought him the finest specimen of manhood my eyes [...] Read more »

Guns and The New Paternalism

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg      Photo credit: The New York Times  Longtime reader and blogfriend Eddie Beaver sent me a link to an article by NYT columnist, Ross Douthat. In my view, Douthat has written a fairly important observation of a political dynamic that is broader than the simply the new push [...] Read more »

Newtown, Aurora, Columbine, Virginia Tech: Enough is enough

How many hunters live in the U.S.? How many of them use semi-automatics in their pursuit of four legged creatures and dinosaur descendants? Is a hunt for wild game in overkill mode to remain protected by a 200 plus year old amendment to the US Constitution which in reality pertains to citizen militias which have gone the way of the dodo replaced years ago by state National Guards, police and sheriff departments and even their eyes and ears – private security companies and unarmed neighborhood watches? Read more »