Variations on the Blue Screen of Death

[ by Charles Cameron — where would we be without our digital devices, minds & memories? ] . Two converging thoughts, the first from John Robb at Global Guerrillas: Over the weekend, ISIS threatened the life of Jack Dorsey, a co-founder and Chairman of Twitter. Why? Twitter, at the urging of the US government, has […] Read more »

Does Skynet dream of electric Clausewitz?

[revived from long sleep by Lynn C. Rees] The parable of Skynet, written by James Cameron long before he inflicted Leo-cicles and giant blue Thundercats on an unsuspecting public, crystallized fear of artificial intelligence (AI) for a generation after The Terminator‘s release in 1984. As explained by the ever edgy Michael Biehn in that first Terminator movie, Skynet was a computer program created by the [...] Read more »

Education: on Engineers, the Navy — and excuse me, Jihad

[ by Charles Cameron -- a minor contribution to the discussion about STEM-to-stern education ] . ** I really don’t want to put too much weight on this — for one thing, John Boyd was, if Wiki is not mistaken, the possessor of a Batchelor’s in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech — but I do [...] Read more »

For the Fourth of July: The Once and Future Republic?

Ahem….”I told you so“. “Congress intended to allow the intelligence communities to access targeted information for specific investigations. How can every call that every American makes or receives be relevant to a specific investigation?”                                             [...] Read more »

Words, words — what’s a bunch of Wordsworth?

[ by Charles Cameron -- bemused again, "jihad" (the word) in the news, "big data" too, plus Google expecting Mahdi ] . I suppose I should be glad — or should I? — that the word jihad is now in the news. It’s about time. Jihad (the word, the concept, the interpretations) should have been [...] Read more »

Book Mini-Review: Makers: the New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson

Makers: The New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson  This is a fun book  by the former editor-in-chief of WIRED , author of The Long Tail and the co-founder of 3D Robotics, Chris Anderson. Part pop culture, part tech-optimist futurism and all DIY business book, Anderson is preaching a revolution, one brought about by the intersection of 3D printing and open source “Maker [...] Read more »

Numbers by the numbers: three / pt 1

[ by Charles Cameron -- I thought it might be timely to consider trinary thinking in light of Zen's recent post featuring Clausewitz' Trinity ] . I know, it sounds inherently ridiculous, but what would happen if we thought in threes instead of twos? I mean, we tend to see things in terms of black [...] Read more »

What eye and mind can reasonably absorb

[ by Charles Cameron -- visual thinking, graphical presentation, the magical number seven plus or minus two, human intelligence ] . Look: Got it? That’s part of a double-page spread from the University of Maryland’s START Program report for 2011: The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism—better known as START [...] Read more »