The Republic of Bloggers, SpiralChris & Pundita

[ by Charles Cameron — on music, art, and the double meanings of fruit, bread, wine ] . Still-life with Lemons, Oranges and Rose, Francisco de Zurbarán, Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena ** Chris Bateman, aka SpiralChris, responded a couple of weeks ago to my own open letter to him, beginning: Dear Charles, The second of […] Read more »

Brexit: gunpowder, treason and plot?

[ by Charles Cameron — conspiracies in the lead up to Jo Cox’s death and the Brexit referendum ] . Im often told that cunning people behind the scenes run everything according to a plan. Interested if there are any conspiracies re #Brexit — Amil Khan (@Londonstani) June 24, 2016 Amil Khan, aka Londonstani, is […] Read more »

Central Standard Time

[by Mark Safranski /”zen“] I wanted to announce the debut of a Chicago-oriented culture e-zine, Central Standard Time, to which I will be one of the regular contributors. What is CST? In the words of the publisher, the Grammy nominated producer and professor of music, Joe Tortorici: The intent of this site is to suggest […] Read more »

Book Bonanza

[by Mark Safranski, a.k.a. “zen“] My usual yuletide haul of books received and purchased….                         The Last of the President’s Men by Bob Woodward Being Nixon: A Man Divided by Evan Thomas Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956 by Anne Applebaum Avoiding Armageddon: […] Read more »

Reminders, and other signs

[ by Charles Cameron — the camps, theirs and ours, and nuking Mecca, with a pinch of Lynch ] . Here are the reminders.. ** These DoubleQuotes arose in the context of comments by Georgetown Syria specialist Marc Lynch, better known on the web as the blogger Abu Aardvark, on a recent On the Media […] Read more »

The “refugee” koan

[ by Charles Cameron — considering both sides, while tilting one way or the other ] . I call it a koan because you can flip it — there are two sides to it, and very possibly a serrated edge that it can balance on, foiling your best efforts to come up with a yes-no […] Read more »

On the various uses and modes of DoubleQuotes thinking

[ by Charles Cameron — working my way towards that ever-elusive Grand Theory of Linkage ] . Ahem — not unlike my DoubleQuote format, these Taiwanese leg-irons offer another form of linkage ** Here’s a cross-cultural DoubleQuote embedded in a Guardian paragraph — from Xiaolu Guo, writing on the Analects of Confucius in Ten Books […] Read more »

Takfir squared, Prisoners Dilemma and MC Escher

[ by Charles Cameron — call it backlash, backfire, or blowback, somewhere they’re dclaring takfir on the takfiris ] . Ali Minai at BrownPundits has a worthwhile take on what he calls, paradoxically enough, Unreal Islam, from which I’ve excerpted this paragraph: However, another version of takfir is now afoot in the world. Call it […] Read more »

A very brief brief on black banners

[ by Charles Cameron — wherein black flag patches run riot ] . Just a quick something I gleaned via Leah Farrall‘s recent blog post: That’s the ist of an excerpt I transcribed from an Aussie Insight video last year, which featured host Jenny Brockie and the gentleman depicted, one Abu Bakr. Bakr was arrested […] Read more »

English Pubs DoubleQuote: Heaven and Hell — plus Sharro

[ by Charles Cameron -- I'm in Caliornia at present, and thus without access to either of these possibilities -- plus -- in praise of Karl Sharro ] . Heaven, so to speak? I found heaven, this is the perfect combination, an English pub with Lebanese food. — Karl Sharro (@KarlreMarks) November 5, 2014 […] Read more »