CSC Sponsors Strategic Communication Events at ICA

by Scott W. Ruston The International Communication Association (ICA) holds its annual conference later this week here in Phoenix 24-28 May, and the CSC is sponsoring two events focused on strategic communication.  If you’re interested in strategic communication and in town for ICA, please consider these events. First, the CSC has put together a back-to-back panel series on strategic communication in the public sector.  The first panel addresses theoretical and ethical issues and the second […] Read more »

Obama’s Trip to Indonesia, Australia

by Chris Lundry President Obama has now made his second trip in office to the land where he spent four years of his youth, Indonesia, while on a trip to Asia and Australia. Although Obama’s time in Indonesia was brief, he was welcomed relatively warmly by most Indonesians, who appreciate his ties to the most populous Muslim country. There are, however, plenty of people who disapproved, including the usual suspects, the Islamist extremists. The trip […] Read more »

With bin Laden Dead Let’s Kill the Binary Narrative

by Scott Ruston As details pour in regarding this past weekend’s daring raid in which U.S. Navy SEALs  killed elusive al-Qaeda leader and world’s most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden, the exact details of the events keep changing slightly. The New York Times titled an article covering a recent revision to the sequence of events and details about the operation as “White House Corrects Bin Laden Narrative”. I would argue, however, the “Bin Laden Narrative” […] Read more »

Public Diplomacy: Books, Articles, Websites #56

Here is a repost of Public Diplomacy books, articles, and websites compiled periodically and distributed via email list by Bruce Gregory at GWU.  Matt at Mountainrunner used to distribute these for people not on Bruce’s list, but his blog has gone dark/read-only now that he has moved to the Corridors of Power.  Accordingly COMOPS Journal will step in to provide this service. _________________________________________________ The American Academy of Diplomacy and The Stimson Center, Forging a 21st […] Read more »

News from Indonesia: Basyir charged with supporting Aceh terrorist camp

by Chris Lundry Indonesian police have charged Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Basyir with supporting terrorism for his role in the the Jemaah Islamiyah training camp in Aceh. He has been accused of participating in planning and funding the project and ordering others to commit terrorist acts, and police reported finding progress reports and videos from the camp. The training camp, led by Javanese who came to Aceh thinking they would find support, was broken up […] Read more »

Recent Events in Indonesia and the Philippines

Having recently returned from a brief (four-day!) trip to Indonesia and Singapore, I’ve been reminded of the value of simply being in a location with eyes and ears open in order to gain insight into current events. While in Indonesia, some interesting communication- and terrorism-related news emerged. Facebook has been gaining ground in Indonesia, and in terms of absolute number of users, Indonesia is now ranked third in the world after the US and the UK. […] Read more »

COMOPS Journal Top Posts of 2009

Below is a list of the top ten most-viewed posts of 2009 on COMOPS Journal: Why Israel’s Twitter Experiment Flopped (January 12).  Dawn Gilpin analyzes Israel’s use of Twitter during its excursion into Gaza, concluding that it failed because of a lack of understanding of symmetry, culture, and the structure of the different media platforms. OK Now I’m Confused (April 17).  Steve Corman comments on an apparent blurring of lines between public affairs and public […] Read more »

COMOPS Top Posts of 2008

by Steven R. Corman Below is a list of the top ten posts of 2008 on COMOPS Journal, by page views: Minerva on the Cheap? Did the Bad Guys Scuttle Their Own Forums? Obama Garb Photo Hits AQ Boards Candidates’ PD Positions Miss the Point Cracks in The Base Time to Stop Fooling Ourselves About Salafis Can Facebook Defeat Terrorism? New DSB Report on Strategic Communication al Qaeda’s Talking but Are Americans Listening? A Bad […] Read more »

The Tipping Point?

by Bud Goodall In a New York Times article today entitled “Violence Leaves Young Iraqis Doubting Clerics,” evidence gathered by investigative reporters on the scene strongly indicates that the appeal of violent extremism may be waning. Are we at a new “tipping point?” Reasons given in the article for believing we may be at a new tipping point in the struggle against violent extremism include a “society weary of bloodshed” and “worried parents” who have […] Read more »