More Books and Bookshelf Musings

    Mussolini’s Italy:Life under the Fascist Dictatorship by by R. J. B. Bosworth  Seeing Like a State by James C. Scott Been busy writing a book review and a long and serious post, so here is something more lighthearted and tangible in the meantime. Having recently purchased the Bosworth bio of Mussolini, I went back and [...] Read more »

Pie Jesus, dona eis requiem

[ by Charles Cameron -- of Ozymandias, as Shelley's story-teller friend reminds us, all that remains are "vast and trunkless legs of stone" ] . I am very fond of the long view, in which each of us becomes (physical) dust and enters (mental) oblivion — not necessarily in that order — see Shelley, Osymandias, [...] Read more »

Videos, the counter-nasheed and some dancing girls

[ by Charles Cameron -- further notes from the frayed edges of what's significant ] . Okay, you all know I’m interested in the graphics of terrorism and their symbolism, and only a day or two ago I posted Of dualities, contradictions and the nonduality on the two into one phenomenon — well, here’s an [...] Read more »

Heavy breathing on the line: Uniform disbelief

[dots connected by Lynn C. Rees] Sigh What did Lucius Aemilius Paullus know and when did he know it? Once upon a time… During my first year’s encampment General Scott visited West Point, and reviewed the cadets. With his commanding figure, his quite colossal size and showy uniform, I thought him the finest specimen of manhood my eyes [...] Read more »