Inscription on the flag of the Mahdi’s army?

[ by Charles Cameron -- how to tell an authentic Mahdist "black banner" -- from a false flag, perhaps? ] . There has been considerable talk about black flags featuring the Shahada: This is the creed of Islam, and reads, “There is not God but God, and Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah.” And more [...] Read more »

Coming Home: Pathways to Success for Service Members and Veterans

With more than a million veterans returning home to our nation’s shores over the next five years, we have an unprecedented opportunity – and a civic obligation – to strengthen their pathways to success. To prepare for their return hom... Read more »

The Governator – The immigration solution the nation needs

Immigration reform is an economic and national security issue. The United States is in desperate need to improve its competitiveness - and that includes bringing the brightest and best to our country to work, live, start businesses and become American. Read more »