Nationalism is from Venus, al-Qa’ida is from Mars

by Monika Maslikowski & Z.S. Justus As observers of Al-Qa’ida’s media strategy we notice a trend in their communication: When a conflict around the world involving a Muslim country heats ups, AQ leadership is quick to jump on the opportunity to provide analysis, encouragement, or criticism for the actions of players on the ground. In the past year, with an imminent U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq and a resurgence of both civilian and military forces […] Read more »

A Broader View of Internet Radicalization

By Pauline Hope Cheong Two related white papers have generated fresh buzz about Internet radicalization in recent weeks.  These papers are in substantial disagreement about the basic issue of how much of a force the Internet is in causing radicalization.  This is a sign that the process is not yet well-enough understood, and that we need a broader view of the effects of new media on radicalization. One report, Countering Internet Radicalization in Southeast Asia, […] Read more »

Israeli “Nukes” versus Palestinian Slingshots

by Steven R. Corman The CSC has just released a new white paper entitled Israeli Nukes versus Palestinian Slingshots: David and Goliath in Indonesia by Ronald Lukens-Bull and Mark Woodward.  Both of them are currently visiting professors in Indonesia.  They report on how the local population of Muslims–many of whom are moderates who oppose more radical interpretations of Islam–interpreted the latest skirmish in the Holy Land.  The executive summary of the paper reads: Indonesian press […] Read more »

Israeli Nukes versus Palestinian Slingshots

by Ronald Lukens-Bull & Mark Woodward Indonesian press reportage of the recent conflict in Gaza claims that the Israelis used “Nuclear Weapons.” To Western readers these reports appear to be wildly inaccurate. But from a local perspective these reports are not fabrications. Rather they employ interpretive strategies rooted in local cultures to bring order to a complex body of information concerning the conflict. They invoke and scientific and pseudo scientific literature concerning degraded uranium and […] Read more »