Hollywood Tackles PD

by Steven R. Corman I ran across this astonishing post by William Triplett at Variety analyzing American’s problem with Public Diplomacy. After citing recent research about our decline in world public opinion, Triplett concludes: the U.S. government continues to make the same mistake when it comes to reaching disgruntled populations abroad: It’s talking without listening. He extensively quotes Jeffrey Sonnenfeld from the Yale School of Management, who knows why our public diplomacy is so bad: […] Read more »

Update: Meaning of Jihad

by Steven R. Corman Back in September I did a post arguing that we should quit calling the Bad Guys jihadis because this helps construct them as religious actors, and start calling them something else, like islamists. Last week Menahem Milson did a post on MEMRI that gives a nice synopsis of the word jihad and its meaning in contemporary usage. He sidesteps the usual debate between “war” and “struggle” as proposed translations for the […] Read more »

New Counterterrorism Journals

by Steven R. Corman Two new counterterrorism journals have recently launched that should be of interest to COMOPS Journal readers. The first is Perspectives on Terrorism. It is a new journal of the Terrorism Research Initiative, with a mission to ” support the international community of terrorism researchers and scholars especially through the facilitation of collaborative and cooperative efforts.” The site is updated weekly with commentary and analysis from leading scholars in the counterterrorism field. […] Read more »

PSYOPS Tech: Voices in your head

by Steven R. Corman At a government workshop some time ago I head someone describe a new tool that was described as the “voice of Allah.” This was said to be a device that would operate at a distance and would deliver a message that only a single person could hear. The story was that it was tested in a conflict situation in Iraq and pointed at one insurgent in a group, who whipped around […] Read more »