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Joint Statement on Climate Change

Today, the United States faces a looming threat to national security: climate change. As our service in all four branches of the military taught us, we must prepare for all threats, even those that are over the horizon. We see that our armed forces are already acting...

ASP Generals Argue for Renewable Fuels

Last week Retired Army Generals gathered in Iowa to discuss the importance of biofuels in strengthening America’s national security. Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark, Ret. Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton and Ret. Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson gathered to advocate on behalf of

American Security Project 2015-07-27 18:42:40

American Security Project Launches Business Council for American Security   July, 2015, Washington DC –American Security Project announces the launch of The Business Council for American Security (BCAS).The Council will be a permanent membership group supporting...