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GWOT weekly round-up January 30

Due to technical difficulties the GWOT blog has been unable to publish posts for the past few weeks. Apologies to all our readers for this downtime. To catch up on our weekly round-ups, we will be publishing a larger weekly … Continue reading →

GWOT blog weekly round-up January 6

Afghanistan Nano Danovic analyses NATO’s strategy in Afghanistan. Egypt Shadi Hamid looks at the strategy of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Iran Fareed Zakaria argues that Iran’s economy is collapsing. Andrew Exum discusses Iran policy. John Yoo argues for action against...

GWOT blog weekly round-up 30 December

Counterinsurgency Jim Lacey argues that counterinsurgency is one of only many functions of the US Army. Iraq James Fearon argues that current Iraq policies are a rational response to the vacuum created by the exit of US troops. Jay Ufelder … Continue reading...