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Turnabout is fair play?

[ by Charles Cameron — fascinated as always by the interweave of worlds ] . If not causality, then at least correlation? Batman goes to Iraq to save the caliphate from the Joker, and other parallels; my latest

Nina Paley’s OTSOG genius

[ by Charles Cameron — Nina Paley is as strong an argument as I know both for the idea that individual genius exists, and (not so paradoxically) that it arises OTSOG — “On the shoulders of giants” as Robert Merton has it ] . It’s always a...

David, Goliath, and Art Spiegelman

[ by Charles Cameron — contrasting perspectives, asymmetric warfare, and a bible story ] . Art Spiegelman, the creator of the acclaimed graphic treatment of the Holocaust, Maus: A Survivor’s Tale, has now posted a visual DoubleQuote of his own, along with...