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Email from President Obama: “The Last Time I'll Do This”

Read the President's message before he heads over to the Capitol for his last SOTU.

President Obama just sent the following message ahead of his final State of the Union address. Sing up to hear more from here throughout his last year in office here.You can watch his address

This is it: My last one.

As I put the final touches on my State of the Union address, I can’t help but look back on the last seven years. We’ve traveled a long road together. The people I’ve met. The stories you’ve shared. That’s what lives at the heart of the remarkable progress we’ve made together.

More than 14 million jobs, nearly 18 million people now with health coverage — together, we’ve pulled ourselves out of yesterday’s crisis to put us on a stronger course for tomorrow.

But tonight, I don’t want to focus on our past. I want to focus on the future we can build together. I hope you’ll tune in.

There’s no question: Our country faces some big challenges right now.

But after seven years as your president, I’ve never been more optimistic about what we can accomplish together. We’ve come back from tough times stronger than before. We’ve shown the world that we’re not afraid of the future, we’re ready to lead it.

That’s what makes America great. That’s who we are. And that’s what’s going to be on my mind as I head over to speak to Congress and to you.

Join me tonight at 9pm ET.

We’ve done some big things together over these past seven years. And we’re not finished. Tonight I’ll lay out a vision for an economy that’s even stronger, a country that’s safer, and a union that’s more perfect.

Because with one year left in my presidency, I’m still fired up and ready to go.

President Barack Obama

Watch his final address: