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Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — and in space! This week, the President welcomed to the White House the President of South Korea and the Prime Minister of Pakistan, hosted CEOs who are tackling climate change, traveled to West Virginia for a community discussion on drug abuse, and spent an evening stargazing with space-lovers at the second-ever White House Astronomy Night. That's October 16th to October 22nd or “I Love Astronomy Night!”

Friday, October 16

Monday, October 19

Tuesday, October 20

  • On Tuesday, the President met with the 2014 Enrico Fermi Award Recipients — to celebrate their achievements in physics and energy research.

Wednesday, October 21

Thursday, October 22

  • On Thursday, the President hosted Prime Minister Sharif of Pakistan at the White House.
  • Later, the President answered questions about criminal justice reform in a conversation that was hosted here at the White House by The Marshall Project.
  • That evening, the President vetoed a bill passed by Republicans in Congress that would rely on an accounting gimmick to fund our armed forces.

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