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[ by Charles Cameron — a mini-historical recap on the two topics named in the title ]

Without exhaustive checking, I think I first started posting DoubleQuotes as such, on a site Garsett Larosse generously provided, on May 1st, 2004. I described them thus:

DoubleQuotes consist of two quotes (or images), juxtaposed. They are intended to work in a way that I learned from haiku: as thoughts dropped into the mind-pond, not so much for their own sakes as for their concentric ripples and the interference patterns between them.

It looks as though the first DQ I posted there was a couple of weeks later, on May 17th, and was titled Milk of Justice:

DQ Mullah Ashcroftmullahs justice

I keep hoping I’ll find a way to catch Kristof‘s attention and get him to tell me his source for the Iranian “breasts of justice” story.


DQs in the Wild:

I think I introduced the idea that there were “DQs in the Wild” in this post with that title, in which I define the genre as that of “found objects as they call them in the art world, relating directly to my DoubleQuotes format”.

Some examples:

  • A wildlife DoubleQuote in the Wild, hat-tip Dan Trombly
  • DoubleQuote in the Wild: Maurits Escher & Juan Cole
  • Brilliant use of “DoubleQuote in the Wild” images!
  • A DoubleQuote in the (Arctic) Wild
  • “Trust in Govt” DoubleQuote from John Robb
  • Black Banners in Sydney 1: a DoubleQuote in the Wild from Ardeet
  • Life imitates art: the eavesdropping TV
  • Via the keen eye of Caitlin Fitz Gerald
  • HM Govt goes DoubleQuote in the Wild
  • In which John Horgan presents a DoubleQuote
  • BTW, flags
  • A difficulty with DoubleQuotes
  • and:

  • Ceylan Ozbudak notes a discrepancy from PKK [updated]
  • I have to say spotting these examples, together with the various friendships most of them have sprung from, has been one of the delights of my on;line life these last few years.


    DQs, Marc Andreessen and Adam Elkus:

    Here’s my post a while back responding to an exchange between Marc and Adam in which Adam mentioned my DoubleQuotes:

  • Some thoughts for Marc Andreessen & Adam Elkus
  • — along with some other, related posts:

  • Creating a web-based format for debate and deliberation: discuss?
  • DoubleQuoting Andreessen with Turing
  • Intriguing DoubleTweet variants & more
  • — those last two including DQs in which Andreessen is one of those quoted — and:

  • Simply so much.. 01
  • **

    And that concludes this series of posts. Until the thought-clock rolls around to the same time in a new day, and this stuff begins all over again.