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[ by Charles Cameron — let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light? ]



  • does Cheney‘s “dark side” comment sound less obnoxious when following Franklin Delano Roosevelt‘s “walk with the devil”?
  • alternatively, does Cheney’s remark make FDR’s look less appealing? Perhaps you’re in agreement with both sentiments?
  • if you agree with FDR but not with Cheney — when did we cross the Iraq bridge?
  • at what point should we “put on the armour of light”?
  • **

    FDR apparently claimed he was quoting an Orthodox / Bulgarian proverb — I doubt an Orthodox theologian would have gone on record with such a claim, and haven’t been able to confirm a source as yet — my thanks to John Schindler, Grurray and Velina Tchakarova for their help with the search.