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ASP CEO BGen. Stephen Cheney is featured in an article on the United Kingdom’s current nuclear program in National Defense Magazine’s September 2015 issue.

The nuclear program, Trident, has recently been called into question as it is currently slated to be replaced by the late 2020s, which would cost the UK between $23.4 and $31.2 billion. Parliament is reviewing the situation, and there is a sharp divide between the conservative party, who support replacing the system, and the Scottish National Party, who vehemently oppose it.

One oft raised concern should the UK discontinue Trident is the potential impact it would have on the NATO alliance. However, it is an unnecessary one.

““I don’t think it would change it one bit. Not in the least. We’re all NATO allies. We all deploy together, we all go to Iraq, Afghanistan,” he said. “The fact that you don’t have a [nuclear] submarine … won’t make a bit of difference.”

More of General Cheney’s interview and full article can be read here.


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