Center for Strategic Communication

This week, the President announced a new historic action to cut harmful carbon pollution, advocated for the Iran deal, celebrated his 54th birthday, and inaugurated a new class of Mandela fellows.

Friday, July 31st

  • The President signed a three-month extension of the highway funding bill. 
  • The President celebrated the 2013 winners of the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching.

Monday, August 3rd

  • The President participated in a town hall with 500 Mandela Fellows, some of sub-Saharan Africa's most promising young leaders, a nod to his recent trip to the continent.
  • The President announced the finalization of the Clean Power Plan, the biggest step our administration has ever taken to fight climate change.
  • The President met with the class of summer 2015 White House interns. 

Tuesday, August 4th

  • Tuesday was the President's 54th birthday!
  • The President held a birthday bilateral meeting with Ban Ki-moon
  • The White House hosted its first-ever Demo Day, where innovators got to "demo" their entrepreneurial approaches to improving the lives of the American people.
  • The President met with leaders in the American Jewish community to discuss the details of the nuclear deal with Iran that would verifiably prevent that country from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Wednesday, August 5th

Thursday, August 6th

  • Thursday brought another birthday — this time for the Voting Rights Act, which turned 50. The White House honored the occasion with a live video conference featuring the President, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and Congressman John Lewis.