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Last week Retired Army Generals gathered in Iowa to discuss the importance of biofuels in strengthening America’s national security. Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark, Ret. Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton and Ret. Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson gathered to advocate on behalf of

One of the issues discussed was keeping in place the current Renewable Fuel Standard, “which is a federal mandate that the nation’s fuel supply contains a certain percentage of corn-based ethanol”. The generals were in Iowa to inform presidential candidates to express their support for the use of renewables.

The trio agreed with freshman Senator Joni Ernst that the “less the U.S. relies on foreign oil, the less the country will have to involve itself in foreign entanglements involving oil-rich countries

The trio of generals expressed concern about a new Environmental Protection Agency rule, which could reduce the amount of ethanol required in the nation’s fuel supply. They strongly believe that it would be a national security priority to reduce the dependence on oil.


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