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Plunged into Uncertainty, Turkey Could Face Early Election
Orhan Coskun & Ercan Gurses / Reuters
Turkey faced the prospect of weeks of political turmoil after the ruling AK Party lost its parliamentary majority in weekend polls, dealing a blow to President Tayyip Erdogan’s ambitions to acquire sweeping new powers.


Obama Administration Criticizes Egypt in Report to Congress
David D. Kirkpatrick / NY Times
Egypt is moving away from democracy, stifling freedom of expression, arresting thousands for political dissent and failing to hold the security forces accountable for “arbitrary or unlawful killings,” the Obama administration has determined in a formal report to Congress. The administration concludes in the same report that Egypt is nevertheless too important to national security to end the roughly $1.5 billion a year it receives in American aid, most of it military.
Bangladesh and India Finally Give People a Nation
Syed Tashfin Chowdhury / Al Jazeera
After nearly 70 years of statelessness, more than 50,000 people will now receive citizenship and all its benefits after a historic border agreement between India and Bangladesh.


American Competitiveness & Economic Diplomacy


White House Denies Obama Said Strong Dollar a Problem
A senior U.S. official denied on Monday a news wire report that President Barack Obama had told a Group of Seven industrial nations’ summit that the strong dollar was a problem. “He made a point that he has made previously, a number of times: that global demand is too weak and that G7 countries need to use all policy instruments, including fiscal policy as well as structural reforms and monetary policy, to promote growth.”
How China Plans to Run AIIB: Leaner, With Veto
Mark Magnier / WSJ
A new China-led Asian infrastructure bank aims to differentiate itself from the World Bank and other lenders, with a leaner structure meant to showcase Beijing’s reputation for speed and efficiency in building large projects.


Russia Wields Aid and Ideology in Sanctions Fight
Peter Baker & Steven Erlanger / NY Times
Moscow is leveraging its economic power, financing European political parties and movements, and spreading alternative accounts of the conflict with the West.


National Security & Strategy

Jordan Military Unveils Border Surveillance With Iraq, Syria
ABC News via AP
Jordan’s military has installed the second phase of a surveillance system that U.S. officials say provides an effective defense against infiltration attempts by Islamic State militants.


Eritrea Ruled by Fear, Not Law, UN Says
Eritrea’s government may have committed crimes against humanity, including a shoot-to-kill policy on its borders, a UN investigation says. “It is not law that rules Eritreans – but fear,” says the report, which details extrajudicial killings, sexual slavery and enforced labour. The situation has prompted hundreds of thousands of people to flee the country, says the report.
G7 Summit: 125 Extra UK Military Trainers to be Sent to Iraq
The UK is to send an extra 125 military trainers to Iraq to help in the battle against Islamic State, the PM has said.


Asymmetric Operations



Pakistan Military Says 19 Militants, 7 Soldiers Killed in Clash
Jibran Ahmed & Saud Mehsud / Reuters
At least 19 Islamist militants and seven Pakistani soldiers were killed in a fierce gun battle early on Monday near Dattakhel, a town close to the Afghan border, military officials and militants said.
Officials: Iraqi Forces in Control of Baiji City
Hamdi Alkhshali / CNN
Iraqi forces with the support of the U.S. are now in control of Baiji city, military and militia sources told CNN on Sunday. ISIS forces, who had seized the city, fled back toward Mosul and were under air attack while retreating, according to Ibrahim.
Saudi Intercepts Scud Missile Fired from Yemen
Defense News via AFP
Saudi Arabia said it intercepted a Scud missile fired on its territory by rebel forces in neighboring Yemen early Saturday as momentum gathers for peace talks in Switzerland next weekend.


Climate Security


G7 Backs 2-Degree Global Warming Target
Timothy Cama / The Hill
The leaders of seven of the world’s richest countries pledged Monday to work to keep global warming to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels.


Energy Security

EU Members Agree Accords to Edge Energy Integration Nearer
Barbara Lewis / Reuters
European energy ministers on Monday signed three accords on closer power and gas ties but differences remained over implementing a single energy market and 2030 green fuel goals.


Nuclear Security


U.N. Interim Deal to Help Show Any Military Side of Iran Nuclear Past
Shadia Nasralla / Reuters
Any possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear past can be clarified if the details of a preliminary deal sealed in April between Tehran and six world powers are implemented, the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Monday.


Nuclear Industry Pushing for Renewal of U.S.-China Agreement
Devin Henry / The Hill
A nuclear cooperation agreement that allows United States companies to export their products and technologies to China expires in December. President Obama proposed a 30-year extension of that agreement in April, which the American nuclear industry says will allow it to continue working in the country.

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