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(Photo: Aitor Escauriaza via Flickr)

(Photo: Aitor Escauriaza via Flickr)

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Race: A Cheat Sheet
The Atlantic
By David A. Graham

Spanning both party’s entire fields, including no-brainers like Hillary Clinton and no-names like Lincoln Chafee, The Atlantic brings you an all-encompassing cheat sheet to 2016 hopefuls for President of the United States.

Special Report: Russian fighters, caught in Ukraine, cast adrift by Moscow
By Maria Tsvetkova

The story of two Russian special forces soldiers captured fighting in Ukraine depicts the murky war Vladimir Putin helped engage to support rebels seeking closer with Russia.

For a new American ambassador, India is a kind of homecoming
The Washington Post
By Annie Gowen

The Washington Post highlights U.S. Ambassador to India Richard Verma’s recent appointment to the post and why the Bethesda lawyer’s Punjabi roots might build relations with the Asian country.

Why the Press Is Wrong About Bernie Sanders
Columbia Journalism Review
By Steve Hendricks

Steve Hendricks pens an opinion piece for the Columbia Journalism Review examining Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, and why the U.S. press consistently writes off underdog candidates.

What Humanity’s Impact on Earth Will Look Like to Future Geologists
New Republic
By David Biello

David Biello for New Republic envisions what shape humans today will leave the earth in for future generations to discover.

Climate change latest battleground in India-Pakistan relations by Scott Bleiweis
Ben Bernanke’s Monetary Policy: Bubble Double Toil and Trouble? by Patricia L Schouker
Getting the Motives Right by Hussein Rashid
U.S. Confronts China Over Airspace in South China Sea by Gary Sands
Mangoes Fly in Venezuela, But Economic Improvements Remain Unlikely for 2015 by Gary Bearden