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Yesterday, the Board of Directors of the American Security Project officially welcomed one its founders, former senator and former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel in rejoining the board.


Governor Christine WhitmanGovernor Christine Todd Whitman, Chairperson of the American Security Project noted:

As one of the founders of ASP, and an outstanding public servant, we are extremely lucky and pleased that Chuck Hagel wants to rejoin the board.”



Nelson W. CunninghamNelson Cunningham, President of the American Security Project commented:

I am delighted that Secretary Chuck Hagel has rejoined the ASP Board.  He has worked tirelessly to strengthen our national security, as a business leader as well as in public service, and understands the importance of forming a consensus around smart solutions to the multidimensional security challenges America faces today.”


Secretary Hagel said: “I am delighted to rejoin the board of the American Security Project, now more than ever it is important for our nation to examine how to enhance our national security from a non-partisan strategic perspective.    The American Security Project has always strove to think long term, to highlight key challenges and opportunities we face as a nation, to understand how to develop and deploy new 21st Century responses, and to build a consensus to strengthen our national security.”



The American Security Project (ASP) is a nonpartisan organization created to educate the American public and the world about the changing nature of national security in the 21st Century.

Our mission:

  • To communicate our vision for security in the 21st Century by developing and sharing new ideas and critical analyses on the most important national security issues of our time;
  • To forge a bipartisan consensus on a new national security strategy that will restore America’s leadership and ensure our security;
  • To raise the American public’s understanding of critical national security issues through direct engagement and dialogue.



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