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Islamic State suicide bombing kills 12 Shi’ite militia fighters
Saif Hameed and Dominic Evans | Reuters
A suicide bomb and mortar attack by Islamic State militants killed 12 Shi’ite militia fighters north of Baghdad on Wednesday and a series of bombings in the Iraqi capital killed six people, military and medical sources said.

Shi’ite pilgrims flock to Iraq holy city, government fears attack
Mushtaq Mohammad | Reuters
From across Iraq and neighboring states, millions of Shi’ite pilgrims are heading this week to the city of Kerbala for a religious ceremony that authorities say radical Sunni fighters are targeting for attack.

Iraq presses Hagel for greater U.S. military support against Islamic State
Missy Ryan | Washington Post
The Iraqi government appealed to U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Tuesday for additional air power and heavy weapons as Iraq struggles to expel the well-armed Islamic State militants who are dug in across a vast area of the country.

Europe and Asia

Uzbek president asks Putin to help fight radical Islam in Central Asia
Denis Dyomkin | Reuters
Uzbekistan urged Russia on Wednesday to help protect Central Asia against what it said would be a rising threat from militant Islam as U.S. forces draw down their numbers in Afghanistan.

German defense company fined over Greek arms deals
Associated Press
A German defense and auto parts firm says it is paying a fine of nearly 37.1 million euros ($45.8 million) over allegations that a company representative in Greece made improper payments during arms deals in the country.

National Security

Major provisions of $1.1 trillion spending bill
Associated Press
Top lawmakers Tuesday released a massive 1,603-page, $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill funding every government agency but the Homeland Security Department through Sept. 30, 2015

Forget ISIS, climate and Putin; White House worried that too few students study/work abroad
Al Kamen | Washington Post
The White House National Security Council has got a lot on its plate these days:  ISIS, Ebola, Syria, Iran’s nukes, an increasingly assertive China and, of course, Putin. But that doesn’t mean the NSC can’t tackle our nation’s other still-vital issues that are often overlooked: the pressing need to convince kids to study abroad.

Energy Security

Wall Street falls as oil drop drags energy sector
Chuck Mikolajczak | Reuters
U.S. stocks were lower near midday on Wednesday, weighed down by a sharp decline in the energy sector on the latest weakness in oil prices.

Air Fares Seen Dipping Thanks to Oil Slump
David Koenig | New York Times
Flying could get cheaper next year as airlines say they will finally start passing on some of the savings made on plummeting oil prices.

On Our Flashpoint Blog

GCC starting to create regional security
Fadi Elsalameen
I was glad to see that the GCC took steps to create what I suggest is an Arab NATO – for Arabs to take leadership and ownership in their own security.

Pakistan- Aid, Trade, and Security
Maggie Feldman-Piltch
The geopolitical significance of Pakistan is undeniable, as is the instability plaguing the country. The discussion opened with each speaker offering their perspective on the barriers facing Pakistan’s development and key strategies for improvement going forward.

ASP’s Holland Testifies about the Arctic before House Foreign Affairs Committee
Andrew Holland
ASP Senior Fellow Andrew Holland testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about Arctic Security. He accuses both parties of ignoring the region

FY-15 Omnibus supports Fusion
Caroline von Wurden
Domestic fusion programs are given $51 million over the FY-15 request, and US participation in ITER is reconfirmed.

Hochstein: “Energy plays a critical role in national security”
Caroline von Wurden
Special Envoy Amos Hochstein spoke about energy policy and the critical role it plays in global and national security.

Electricity Supply: What it Means for Security, Development, and Geopolitics
American Security Project
Energy, development, and security are inextricably linked to one another- especially in rural and other communities without access to a traditional power grid system.

Basil El-Baz: Defeating ISIL through Job Creation
Giancarlo Lima
In order to truly defeat ISIL and its ilk, economies of the region needs to undergo a fundamental transformation.

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