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Photo Shows Lander Sitting On Comet After Bounce-Landing

Bill Chappell | NPR

The European Space Agency released a new photo Thursday of the Philae lander safely resting in its new home on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, as it hurtles through space. The agency’s data also show the lander bounced twice before coming to rest.

Solar road opens in the Netherlands

Susanna Capelouto | CNN

The world’s first road capable of turning sunlight into energy officially opened for traffic Wednesday in the Netherlands. It’s actually a 230-foot-long bike path in the town of Krommenie.

California leads by example on climate change

Don Thompson | Associated Press

As the U.S. and China — the world’s top two polluting nations — turn to implementing new rules aimed at curbing climate change, the countries can look to the most populous U.S. state as an example of the costs and challenges of fighting global warming.

House, Senate to vote on Keystone XL pipeline

Ed O’Keefe | The Washington Post

For the first time in the six-year fight over the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, both houses of Congress will hold a vote on the proposed project, giving each side in a Louisiana Senate election a chance to boost its candidate.



3 New Ebola Therapies Will Be Tested; Liberia Lifts Emergency

Bill Chappell | NPR

Medical teams plan to start three clinical trials in the fight against the Ebola virus next month, administering the drugs at treatment centers run by Doctors Without Borders in West Africa. Two of the therapies involve anti-viral drugs.

Liberia Won’t Extend Ebola State of Emergency, Says President

The New York Times

Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said on Thursday she would not seek an extension to a state of emergency imposed in August over Ebola, which has hit the country harder than any other this year.

Ebola death toll tops 5,000; Mali quarantines 90

Joe Penney and Stephanie Nebehay | Reuters

The death of a nurse in Mali from Ebola prompted on Wednesday the quarantine of more than 90 people in the West African country’s capital, as the World Health Organization said the disease had now claimed at least 5,160 lives.



Protestors set fire to Mexico’s Guerrero congress over missing students

Gavino Garay | Reuters

Mexican protesters set fire to congress and the education department’s audit office in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, as anger over the 43 missing students grows.



Chinese hack U.S. weather systems, satellite network

Mary Pat Flaherty, Jason Samenow and Lisa Rein | The Washington Post

Hackers from China breached the federal weather network recently, forcing cybersecurity teams to seal off data vital to disaster planning, aviation, shipping and scores of other crucial uses, officials said.


Middle East, Terrorism

‘New level of hopelessness’ for Syrian refugees

Al Jazeera

The plight of people fleeing Syria’s civil war has reached “a new level of hopelessness” as overstretched neighbors make it more difficult to escape and developed countries like the United States resettle a tiny number of refugees, according to a new report. Less than 2 percent have been given a new home.

Car Bombs Explode Near Egyptian and U.A.E. Embassies in Libya

David D. Kirkpatrick | The New York Times

Car bombs exploded outside the embassies of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates in Tripoli, Libya, early on Thursday, apparently in a backlash against the two countries for their role in a regional proxy war playing out in Libya.

Egypt Militants Kill Off-Duty Soldiers and Police Officers in Sinai

Kareem Fahim and Merna Thomas | The New York Times

Militants who set up checkpoints and scoured civilian cars for off-duty security personnel killed five soldiers and police officers in Egypt’s restive Sinai Peninsula on Thursday, according to security officials.


Ukraine, Russia, Belarus

Ukraine Warns of Worsening Security Situation

Peter Leonard | Associated Press

Ukraine warned Thursday that the security situation is steadily worsening in the country’s rebel-held east as separatist fighters move closer to government forces. One official said he feared an attack soon by Russian forces.

Belarus Official: Ukraine May Push Us to West

Raphael Satter | Associated Press

Belarus wants to strengthen its economic ties to the West and could even help it bypass Russia’s ban on some Western foods by reprocessing EU products.


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Available Positions – Internship

American Security Project

ASP is looking for current or recently graduated students interested in hands-on public policy experience for full- and part-time internships. Interns will support ASP researchers and staff in multiple areas including communications, development, programming and research.


On Our Flashpoint Blog

Amidst Concerns Over Repression, Egypt Means Business

Giancarlo Lima

A delegation of U.S. companies recently completed a two-day visit to Egypt which was designed to explore possible investment opportunities for U.S. companies. The 60-company delegation was led by former ASP board member and former U.S. Ambassador David Thorne who now serves as Senior Advisor to the Secretary.

Getting the old band back together? A possible partnership between ISIS and Al-Queda

Matt Suber

ISIS and al-Qaeda are now in direct competition to carry the banner of jihad. It would be a significant development if al-Qaeda and ISIS were to reemerge as partners in Syria. According to new reports, a purported secret meeting in Syria may indicate that such a rekindling might be in the works.

Reflections from a Veteran

Jon Breed

Veterans are unique members of American society.  I believe this, not because veterans receive specialized combat training or make extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of this country.  I believe this because, while serving in the military, volunteers from small country towns and big urban cities acquire new experiences and perspectives that most Americans go a lifetime without.


Upcoming Events

Electric Supply: What it means for Security, Development, and Geopolitics

November 19, 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm

The nexus of electricity, development, and security is significant, yet its nuances are too often overlooked. The half-day event will bring together development and energy experts, government officials, and policy makers to better establish the important linkages between power, security, and development, share successful implementation strategies and consider how these successes can be replicated in diverse contexts.


Orlando Event – Climate Change: Risks for National Security

November 17, 8:00 am – 10:30 am

Location: Pegasus Ballroom, Student Union Building, University of Central Florida

Climate change is already a major consideration for US military planners. Meanwhile, American politicians continue to ignore the issue. Join us for a discussion with senior flag officers as they discuss the steps the US military has taken and future implications for our national security.


Tampa event – Climate Change: Risks for National Security

November 18, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Location: Reeves Theater, University of Tampa

Climate change is already a major consideration for US military planners. Meanwhile, American politicians continue to ignore the issue. Join us for a discussion with senior flag officers as they discuss the steps the US military has taken and future implications for our national security.


Geography 2050: Mounting an Expedition to the Future

November 19 
Location: Low Memorial Library, Columbia University

The one-day inaugural event, to be held at Columbia’s Low Library in Manhattan, offers an opportunity for thought leaders in industry, government, the social sector, and academe to come together to think about collectively exploring the future, and to examine how geography, geographic thinking, and geospatial data and technologies will enable this new age of exploration.


FSC Event- Climate Change: Risks for National Security

November 19, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Location: Buckner Building, Florida Southern College

Climate change is already a major consideration for US military planners. Meanwhile, American politicians continue to ignore the issue. Join us for a discussion with senior flag officers as they discuss the steps the US military has taken and future implications for our national security.


Pakistan – Aid Trade, and Security

December 9, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

The event will be a discussion of the current conditions of economic aid, trade and security in Pakistan, and will feature ASP Board Member Admiral William Fallon USN (Ret.), former Commander of CENTCOM and PACOM; and USAID Assistant to the Administrator for Pakistan in the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs Mr. Daniel Grant.

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