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Ebola Crisis: Liberia Finds ‘Missing Patients’

Seventeen suspected Ebola patients who went missing in Liberia after a health centre in the capital was attacked have been found, a minister has said.


Ukraine Businesses Look for Alternatives to Russia
Gabe Joselow / Voice of America

With tensions continuing to rise with Russia, Ukrainian businesses are looking for opportunities elsewhere.


N.Korea Moves Tanks, Armored Vehicles to Chinese Border
The Chosun Ilbo

North Korea has moved scores of tanks and armored vehicles to an Army corps near the border with China in Ryanggang Province. The 12th Corps, which was established in 2010, is tasked with responding to movements of Chinese troops in an emergency.


New Report Warns of Anti-Aircraft Weapons in Syria
Stephen Braun / Associated Press

Armed groups in Syria have an estimated several hundred portable anti-aircraft missiles that could easily be diverted to extremists and used to destroy low-flying commercial planes, according to a new report by a respected international research group. It cites the risk that the missiles could be smuggled out of Syria by terrorists.


Libya Militia Fire Rockets into Affluent Tripoli Residential District
Heba Al-Shibani and Ayman Al-Warfalli / Reuters

Libyan militiamen fired rockets into an affluent district of Tripoli early on Tuesday, moving a battle with a rival armed faction closer to the center of the capital after fighters on one side came under air attack.


Russia Mulls Import Ban on Cars from the West
Deutsche Welle

Moscow-based daily newspaper Vedomosti reported Monday that a ban on Western car imports cannot be ruled out, if the EU and the US decide to launch even more sanctions against Russia.


Will Security Problems Hamper Mexico’s Energy Boom?
Nathaniel Parish Flannery / Forbes

Mexico has attracted attention for passing secondary laws that will end its state oil monopoly and open the country’s borders to new types of foreign investment.


Egypt Picks Consortium to Draft Suez Plan
Maggie Michael / Associated Press

Egypt selected a consortium of Egyptian and the Persian Gulf companies Tuesday to develop the government’s mega project to transform the Suez Canal waterway into a hub of international investment and free trade zones, officials said.


Afghanistan Said to Bar New York Times Reporter from Leaving Country
William Branigin / The Washington Post

Afghanistan’s attorney general banned a New York Times reporter from leaving the country Tuesday because of a controversial story about the country’s recent presidential election, an Afghan news channel reported.


Climate Change to Cut South Asia’s Growth 9 pct by 2100 – ADB

Climate change will cut South Asia’s growth almost 9 percent by the end of the century unless world governments try harder to counter global warming, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) said on Tuesday.


On Our Flashpoint Blog
BGen Cheney Discusses U.S. Space Program on BBC Newsnight

Adin Dobkin

Last week, ASP CEO, BGen Stephen A. Cheney, USMC (Ret.) discussed the role of RD-180s in U.S. national security on BBC Newsnight.


What the Fight for Foreign Aid Funding is Really About | ASP

Maggie Feldman-Piltch

Each year, foreign aid spending comes under fire during the budget negotiation process. Those in favor of cutting spending argue development and assistance programs are ineffective and the funds too often fall fuel corruption rather than work to eliminate it.


US – Russian Tensions Put Titanium Supply in Doubt
Dan Day

As the sanction war between Russia and the West heats up, two of the largest domestic suppliers of military technology to the Pentagon are scrambling to stockpile titanium from a Russian producer in order to hedge against a possible supply disruption.  Boeing and United Technologies Corp. have substantial commercial and military ties to Russia’s VSMPO-Avisma Corp., the world largest producer of titanium and a subsidiary of state-owned industrial giant Rostec State Corp – whose CEO Sergei Chemezov has landed himself on the US’ sanctions list.


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