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Russian aid convoy ‘will not be admitted into Ukraine’

The Guardian

A Ukrainian security spokesman has said that a humanitarian convoy Russia has dispatched to eastern Ukraine will not be admitted into the country.


Liberia to give two doctors trial drug, Ebola toll at 1013

Clair Macdougall and Daniel Flynn / Reuters

Liberia said on Tuesday it would treat two infected doctors with the scarce experimental Ebola drug ZMapp, the first Africans to receive the treatment, while authorities in Spain said a 75-year-old priest had died of the disease.


New study finds fringe global warming contrarians get disproportionate media attention

John Abraham and Dana Nuccitelli / the Guardian

30% of fringe climate scientists who say carbon pollution causes little global warming report frequent media coverage, vs. just 15% of mainstream climate scientists


Kerry urges quick formation of new Iraqi cabinet

Jethro Mullen and Brian Walker / CNN

The United States hopes the newly-designated Prime Minister of Iraq can form a cabinet quickly and build a united front against ISIS rebels, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday.


‘Heroic’ mission rescues desperate Yazidis from ISIS

Dana Ford and Josh Levs / CNN

The face of 15-year-old Aziza says it all. Her mouth slightly agape, tears stream down her face as she glances around the inside of a helicopter with confusion in her eyes.


ExxonMobil starts drilling for oil in Russia’s Arctic


U.S. oil giant ExxonMobil began drilling in Russia’s Arctic on Saturday, despite Western sanctions imposed on its Russian partner Rosneft, and was hailed by Russia’s president as an model of “cooperation.”


USO on Robin Williams’ Death: ‘He Will Be Sorely Missed’

NBC News

Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams, 63, who died Monday in California, was also known for his work with the United Service Organization, a nonprofit that works to lift the spirits of U.S. troops. In this role, Williams performed for American troops stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq and, in one of his most memorable appearances, in Kuwait.


Those families in Iraq fleeing in terror from Isis killers – they are our problem

Tom Watson / the Guardian

The Kurdish precedent could be used to secure a safe haven for minorities. It might require military action, but hundreds of thousands of lives are at stake


State Department: ‘Volleyball Diplomacy Strengthens U.S. – Iranian Relations

Jeryl Bier / the Weekly Standard

Besides centrifuges, uranium enrichment, and sanctions, this month the State Department turned to sets, digs, and spikes in diplomatic efforts with Iran. Samuel Werberg, a press and public diplomacy officer in the U.S. State Department, invoked the spirit of Jesse Owens to tout the Obama administration’s latest installment of sports diplomacy.


ASP Recent Reports

American Security Quarterly – August 2014

Adin Dobkin

The Russian annexation of Crimea and the scores of pro-Russia militants taking up arms in Eastern Ukraine — before it physically happened, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who labeled it a likelihood.


10 Key Facts About Fusion

Paul Hamill

Fusion energy is real. It’s happening now in labs around the world.


On Our Flashpoint Blog

Sonenshine: Cementing peace in the Middle East

Justin Tolentino

On Monday, August 11, 2014, ASP Consensus member and former Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy Tara D. Sonenshine released an article titled “Cementing peace in the Middle East” through


Space: Is the DOD Procurement Culture the Next Challenge?

Naman Jain

According to a recent article by the National Defense Magazine, “A Pentagon budget crunch and the SpaceX lawsuit could be the catalysts that force the government to accept a new business model, said Charles Miller, president of the consulting firm NexGen Space.”


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