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Two American who contracted Ebola in Africa received an experimental serum
Brady Dennis and Lenny Bernstein / The Washington Post
As the health of two Ebola stricken American missionaries deteriorated late last month, an international relief organization backing them hunted for a miracle.

Ukraine refugees: Finding shelter from the war
Tom Burridge / BBC News
Every day, more than 1,000 people flee the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine, according to the United Nations.

5 Reasons Obama’s Africa Leader’s Summit Matters
Kevin Liptak / CNN
By any measure it’s historic: The vast majority of Africa’s leaders flying to Washington at the invite of the President, whose father was born on the continent, to mark what the White House hopes is a new era of cooperation.

World Trade Organization’s Failure points to fragmented future for global trade
India has dealt a potentially fatal blow to the World Trade Organization’s hopes of modernizing the rules of global commerce and remaining the central forum for multilateral trade deals.

Nigeria army committed atrocities, Amnesty says
BBC News Africa
Nigeria’s army has committed atrocities in the north-east in its fight against Islamist militants belonging to Boko Haram, Amnesty International says.

Military jets escort Qatar Airways plane to Manchester Airport
BBC News Manchester
Military jets have escorted a passenger plane to Manchester Airport after reports of a possible device on board.

100 Missing in Bangladesh as High Waves Capsize Ferry
Julfikar Ali-Manik and Hari Kumar / The New York Times
A ferry overloaded with more than 200 passengers sank while crossing a river in central Bangladesh on Monday morning; at least half the passengers were missing and presumed dead, officials said.

Why We Need the Export-Import Bank
Robert Wolf and Kevin Varney / CNBC
The Export-Import Bank enhances our country’s competitiveness, helps create jobs and generates money to reduce our deficit.

Man in Afghan uniform kills U.S. general
Jim Michaels and Tom Vanden Brook / USA Today
A U.S. Army major general was killed at an attack at an Afghan military base in Kabul on Tuesday, according to a defense official who asked not to be named.

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Africa – Risk in Egypt: A Fixed Price on Uncertainty
Consensus for American Security
If countries can be too-big-to-fail, Egypt is it for the North Africa region. Not only is it the heart and cultural center of the Arab World, it is also the most populous country, with 86 million people and a key north African market that cannot be overlooked.

Critical Issues Facing Africa: Foreign Direct Investment
Maggie Feldman-Pitch
Foreign direct investment has increased in recent years across regions, especially by larger, more quickly developing nations like China. At 2012 year-end, the Congressional Research Service reported $61,4 billion in US to Africa direct investment.

Critical Issues Facing Africa: Corruption and Governance
John Bugnacki


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