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U.S., Europe hit Russia with new sanctions

David Jackson and Jim Michaels / USA Today
President Obama and the EU imposed new sanctions on Russia Tuesday that they said will further cripple its economy, hopefully forcing Vladimir Putin to end his support of armed rebels in Ukraine and to seek peace.

Iran frees U.S.-Iranian, three journalists still held: source

An Iranian-American man detained along with three journalists in Iran last week has been released, a source close to the individual said on Wednesday.

‘Milestone’ for child malaria vaccine

Smitha Mundasad / BBC News
Reporting in PLOS Medicine, researchers found that for every 1,000 children who received the vaccine, an average of 800 cases of illness could be prevented.

Report: World faces water crisis by 2040

Renee Lewis / Aljazeera
The world will face ‘insurmountable’ water crises in less than three decades, researchers said Tuesday,  if it does not move away from water-intensive power production.

Moscow may walk out of nuclear treaty after US accusation of breach

Alec Luhn and Julian Borger / The Guardian 
Russia may be on the point of walking out of a major Cold War era arms control treaty, Russian analysts have said, after President Obama accused Moscow of violating the accord by testing a cruise missile.

Ebola Virus: Top Sierra Leone doctor, Sheik Umar Khan, dies of disease

Kashmira Gander / The Independent
The top doctor treating patients infected with the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone has died from the disease, officials have confirmed.

At least 30 killed in Libya’s Benghazi in heavy fighting

At least 30 people were killed overnight and Tuesday morning in Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi during heavy clashes involving war planes and rockets between government special forces and Islamist fighters.

China places former minister Zhou under investigation for corruption

Scott Murdoch / The Australian
Zhou, 71, is closely linked to corrupt official Bo Xilai, who is now serving a life sentence in jail for corruption.

Obama administration kicks off bid to renew Africa trade program

Elvina Nawaguna / Reuters
The Obama administration on Tuesday pushed for Congress to renew a 14-year-old trade program giving African countries duty-free access to U.S. markets.

UCLA Cleans Up After 10 Million Gallons of Water Flood Campus

Phil Helsel / NBC News
The water main that ruptured in spectacular fashion beneath Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard also flooded UCLA’s storied basketball courts.

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