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Today, key national security and retired military leaders issued the following statement on the Iran talks:

The P5+1 negotiations with Iran have made significant progress. Nuclear inspectors on the ground in Iran have confirmed that Iran has frozen and even rolled back its nuclear activities—living up to its promises under the current deal. The hardest nut to crack—Iran’s future peaceful nuclear energy program—is yet to be finally resolved.

We support extending the talks.

Extending the talks is the best way to ensure Iran does not develop nuclear weapons and keep the international coalition together. Congress should do its part to support an extension of the talks.

This process is our best chance to end the Iranian nuclear weapons program. We should make every effort to make sure it is successful for the sake of our national security and the security of our friends in the Middle East.



Former Senator Gary Hart
Lieutenant General Norman Seip, USAF (Retired)
Brigadier General John Adams, USA (Retired)
Brigadier General Stephen Cheney, USMC (Retired)

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