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There is significant verbiage devoted to international development. Should development be primarily centered on capacity building for states or an increase in human capabilities? What does success look like? How should success be measured? Are publicly funded programs more effective than those orchestrated by private partners? What is the role of business in human development?

There is no shortage of answers to these important questions and while vigorous debate is always welcome, an informed perspective is key. Below is a list of additional resources on international development generally. The list will be updated throughout the summer. Suggestions are encouraged and should be directed to Maggie Feldman-Piltch at or @MaggieCaroline1


ASP Resources

Telling the Story of (US) AID

Measuring Success in Afghanistan, May 2012

Intro to Diplomacy and Development Series

QDDR Briefing Note


Development Basics

Center for Global Development- Owen Barder,“What Is Development?”

Amartya Sen, Development as Freedom

Borgen Project, U.S Foreign Aid


US Government Organizations and Agencies

Presidential Policy Directive, Global Development 

USAID Development Labs at Universities 


International Organizations

United Nations Millennium Development Goals

United Nations Human Development Programme

2010 Human Development Report “The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development”

2005 Report “International Cooperation at a Crossroads: Aid, Trade and Security in an Unequal World”

2000 Report “Human Rights and Human Development”

World Bank, “Diversified Development: Making the Most of Natural Resources in Eurasia”



Businessweek Politics & Policy, “Foreign Aid Isn’t Charity, It’s an Investment”

The Dangerous Impact of Fear of Corruption on Aid


Academic Resources

Center for International Development at Harvard University

Journal of International Development





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