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Secretary of State John Kerry, former ASP board member, published an op-ed in the Washington Post this past Monday, June 30, advising Iran’s leaders to make the choice to “end Iran’s economic and diplomatic isolation and improve the lives of their people.” He said this in regards to reaching a comprehensive agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, since the deadline of July 20 is quickly approaching.

Secretary Kerry drew attention to the fact that Iranian negotiators have been serious throughout the talks, however it is now important for Iran to “back up its words with concrete and verifiable actions…to ensure Iran cannot obtain a nuclear weapon and that its program is limited to peaceful purposes. In return, Iran would be granted phased relief from nuclear-related sanctions.”

He underlined all of the positive outcomes that could result if Iranian leaders come to an agreement:

“If Iran is able to make these choices, there will be positive outcomes for the Iranian people and for their economy. Iran will be able to use its significant scientific know-how for international civil nuclear cooperation. Businesses could return to Iran, bringing much needed investment, jobs and many additional goods and services. Iran could have greater access to the international financial system.The result would be an Iranian economy that begins to grow at a significant and sustainable pace, boosting the standard of living among the Iranian population.”

Secretary Kerry concluded by indicating that negotiators are presently in Vienna to continue talks for a comprehensive agreement, and although there might be pressure to extend the deadline for negotiations, this would require all sides to agree, which could prove especially difficult.

You can access a link to the entire op-ed here: Iranian nuclear deal still is possible, but time is running out.


Theresa Shaffer is a nuclear security researcher and intern at the American Security Project. She is a recent graduate of the University of North Texas with degrees in International Studies and French. You can follow her on twitter here: Theresa Shaffer

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