Center for Strategic Communication

On behalf of the American Security Project, I would like to congratulate the Egyptian people on democratically electing Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to the office of the President.

Since 2011, the people of Egypt have shown the world their perseverance in combatting oppression, publicly expressing their dedication to forging a democratic way of life and taking great strides to guarantee freedom for all. This is a historic event for Egypt, one where the fruits of a democratically formed constitution ensured a successful transition of government.

This past year a transparent and diverse council led the formation of a new constitution that protects basic rights and freedoms for Egyptians. Overwhelmingly supported by the population, this new constitution laid the groundwork for a new, freer Egypt. Over the past two days the world has witnessed millions of Egyptians heading to the polls to elect a new leader, physically embodying the spirit of democracy that is so apparent in the new constitution.

We at the American Security Project congratulate the people of Egypt on their successful election and applaud their dedication to a democratic way of life. We are looking forward to the parliamentary elections later this year.

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