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Interview: The Perception, Reality, and Politics of Tourism in Egypt
Georgetown Public Policy Review
Mr. Badr is the Regional Managing Director of Abercrombie & Kent for Egypt and the Middle East, an upscale tourism operator based in Cairo since 1982. I spoke to Mr. Badr by phone to discuss the challenges facing Egypt’s critical tourism industry, what policies could help re-boot the country’s economy, and the impact of upcoming elections.
House Measure to Change Voice of America’s Mission Is Drawing Intense Debate
Ron Nixon / the New York Times
A bill to overhaul Voice of America has prompted an intense debate among supporters of the legislation who say it will better enable the broadcast news service to counter Russian disinformation and opponents who say it will turn the service into an American propaganda tool. 

Russia, China Sign $400 Billion Gas Deal After Decade of Talks
Elena Mazneva and Stepan Kravchenko / Bloomberg News
President Vladimir Putin is turning to China to bolster Russia’s economy as relations sour with the U.S. and European Union because of the crisis in Ukraine. 
Thai military holds meeting with key parties after declaring martial law
Kocha Olarn and Jenthro Mullen / CNN
A day after declaring martial law, the Thai military is holding a meeting Wednesday with key parties involved in the political unrest that has beset the country for the past six months.
Russian Engine for Launches Needs Replacement, Panel Says
Tony Capaccio / Bloomberg News
The U.S. “needs to develop a domestic” rocket engine to replace the Russian one used in many launches of American military satellites, according to an independent panel advising the Pentagon.

Pakistan Air Strikes Hit Near Afghan Border, Military Says
Safdar Dawar and Qasim Nauman / the Wall Street Journal
The Pakistan military said in a statement that it killed 60 “hard-core terrorists” in strikes on militant bases in the North Waziristan region.The statement said the offensive followed “confirmed intelligence reports” that linked Islamist militants to recent attacks on civilians and soldiers in Pakistan.

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Corporate Tax Reform: Ensuring U.S. Economic Security
Dan Day
The AP reports that the White House has decided to tip its cap to firms who have recently invested in the U.S. on the same day that 14 Senators will introduce legislation intended to prevent corporations from shifting profits and resources abroad.
3D Risk Management: A Survivorship Framework
Dante Disparte
The frequency of potentially preventable losses, along with the calamitous effects of black swans, suggests that quants not only need qualitative tools in their arsenal, they need structural alternatives to one-dimensional risk management.
Air Force panel needs to push past status quo with space launch
August Cole
The panel’s report will be an important recognition that the status quo approach to national security space launch missions needs to change in order to reflect renewed tensions with Russia over Ukraine as well as the increasingly dynamic U.S. commercial space launch market.

Risks and Opportunities: Chinese Direct Investment in U.S. Unconventional Oil and Gas
Andrew Holland
In 2013 alone, China invested $3.655 billion in the U.S. energy industry. Of that, $3.2 billion were directed towards the unconventional oil and natural gas sector, making it a major driver of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Renewed intergovernmental initiatives through the Strategic & Economic Dialogue  between the U.S. and China have sought to push this forward.

The Corporate Tax Regime & Economic Security: VIDEO
Paul Hamil
Bob Pozen explains the tax strategies being pursued by these US companies and evaluates possible legislative reforms to the current US tax system for foreign profits. Mr. Pozen presented his unique strategy for a new corporate tax regime that could end up benefiting governments and US corporations alike.

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