Center for Strategic Communication

A longer paper published with my RUSI colleague Edward for CIDOB, a Barcelona based think tank that is doing a big project on Sources of Tension Afghanistan and Pakistan: Regional Perspectives that looks at Afghanistan-Pakistan and what is going to happen post-2014. I have participated in a couple of the workshops attached to the project and am looking forward to staying engaged going forwards.


My contribution to the project this time is a paper looking ‘Transition in Afghanistan: Filling the Security Vacuum – The Expansion of Uighur Extremism.’ The full paper can be found behind the hyperlink. It basically looks at the likelihood and possibility that Uighur extremists might take a more prominent role in Afghanistan-Pakistan post-2014. The answer is a limited one, but the piece also sketches out a longer trajectory of the problems around Uighur extremism and how it has developed over the years and what China has been doing regionally. More on subjects related to this topic soon, and check back to the China in Central Asia site which is undergoing a revamp at the moment. On a related topic, I did an interview with the Telegraph about China’s response to terrorism.