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On Tuesday, April 22nd, the American Security Project (ASP) hosted a discussion with Dr. Kevin Geiss, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Energy.  The discussion focused on energy management in the Air Force, moderated by BGen Stephen Cheney USMC (Ret) and Andrew Holland, ASP’s Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate.

Dr. Geiss’ full statement is available by clicking below:

American Security Project Dr Geiss remarks 4-21-14 TRANSCRIPT – EXACT

ASP’s Andrew Holland started the discussion by stating that the Department of Defense (DoD) is the largest fuel user domestically and the Air Force is the largest user in the DoD.  The release of the Air Force Energy Strategic Plan has reflected a realistic view of how to use energy and is a big step forward.

The Strategic Plan outlines the Air Force energy priorities are to improve resiliency, reduce demand, assure supply, and foster an energy aware culture.

Dr. Kevin Geiss was appointed as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Energy in 2010.  During his 3 ½ years in office, he has made substantial improvements in energy efficiency.

In 2013, there was a 23% reduction in aviation fuel used compared to 2006, resulting in $2.3 billion in savings.

Regarding the use of biofuels, Dr. Geiss stated that the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is committed to getting the best price for the fuel types needed; all while maintaining a budget.  The Air Force will not use bio or synthetic processed fuels until they can meet the price and value requirements for the engine.  He notes it is hard to substitute for petroleum at a suitable price compatible with a current infrastructure.  It is essential that the fuel is compatible with the engine because the Air Force has committed to the current engine platforms for 50-60 years.  The main concern is the ability to refuel anywhere in the world.

The Air Force aviation only uses 10% of the total domestic jet fuel.  The other 90% is commercial use.

In conclusion, BGen Stephen Cheney applauded Dr. Geiss for helping to change the attitude of energy conservation in the Air Force.

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