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American Security Project’s CEO, BGen Stephen Cheney, USMC. (Ret) was quoted in ClickGreen, “All the Global Reaction to the Latest IPCC Climate Change Report,” regarding the security threats of climate change.  The IPCC has recently released a recommendation that calls for a worldwide reduction of carbon emissions and investments for a safer energy source.

BGen Cheney stated that climate change has already started to present threats.  ASP’s Global Security Defense Index has cited over 70% of countries who have identified security threats from climate change showing the need for immediate action.

 “We know that militaries and governments around the world are aware of the threat: ASP’s Global Security Defense Index showed that over 70% of the countries in the world have identified climate change as a threat to their national security. We see that militaries are preparing for the effects of climate change. However, proper risk management means that we must go further: we should act now to reduce emissions. That means switching to low and no-carbon sources of energy available now, and it means investing in the R&D needed to develop new sources of energy for the future. The military can lead on this, but we need the rest of society to come along as well.”

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